SW founder Bob Evans.



Surfing World is the longest running continually published surf title in Australia. Our first issue went to print in 1962, the same year the Rolling Stones played their first live show, Spiderman made his debut in a Marvel comic and Andy Warhol released his Campbell’s Soup screen to acclaim and outrage. Popular youth culture was soaring to new heights and surfing was booming right there with it.

The founder of Surfing World was a film maker named Bob Evans. Bob knew surfing was a sport, but also a whole lot more. From the very first issue of SW he instilled values that celebrated surfing as an extraordinary lifestyle and surfers as part of a unique and exciting sub culture. Through Bob’s vision we were able to share in the rise of Australia’s competitive success and global influence yet on the flipside also enjoy the freedom of the road the wild spirit of adventure.

For over 50 years Surfing World has continued to share the stoke of riding waves. From the Pro Tour to the isolated back beaches, from the characters taking surfing into the future to the legends of yesteryear, from the shaping bay to Byron Bay to Jeffreys Bay to Waimea Bay… there is something on the pages of SW for everybody.

Put simply, if you love riding the ocean, Browse and Purchase Back Issues.